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If something doesn't work like you think it should, please let us know. We're avid patent searchers too and we're hoping to make PriorSmart as useful as possible, so every little bit helps. In particular, if you find an error, or a search query that doesn't work how you want it to, please let us know what search you tried (you can use the "history" or "bookmark" links at the top to see your searches). We'll fix them asap!

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What is PriorSmart?

PriorSmart is a meta search engine for patents. It lets you search many different sites using a single interface.

How do I use this site?

Just fill anything into the form on the left. Then, click on any of the patent search sites --- the six on the right are the most popular. You can choose from over 60 sites in total (scroll down and look at all the national flags!).

How do I search for a patent number?

Use the box at the top-right of the screen. You can use almost any format for the patent numbers. For example, all of these are fine:

We'll figure out what kind of patent you're looking for and which site to load.

How do I get a PDF of a patent?

Use the box at the top-right of the screen and make sure that "PDF" is checked. You can use any of the patent number formats mentioned above.

Can I search many sites at once?

Unfortunately no. Pop-up blockers tend to hate this so we've disabled this ability. But, with just a few clicks you can open most of the sites you're interested in.

You don't have my favorite patent search site on here!

We'll happily add it! Just email us at

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We could not recognize the format of the patent number you entered. So, instead of trying to find the PDF document, we opened up a number search at Espacenet, which should allow you to find what you are looking for.


We could not recognize the format of the patent number you entered. Please try a different format.